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Cricket Forum is a community dedicated to cricket enthusiasts around the world. Fans of the World Cup of Cricket and cricket teams from numerous countries meet at Cricket Forum to discuss the game they love. Helpful forums on Cricket coaching strategies, equipment, and other Cricket related products and services round out the offerings at Cricket Forum.

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We have several things to offer:

1. Blogs.

Do you want to be an official blogger for CF? All that is required to be an official blogger is a journalists that can write a well put together opinionated blog, once a week. That blog will be advertised not only here but throughout the 18 additional sports forums in the entire network!

You qualify? Contact me via pm! Let's talk.

2. In need of experienced leaders!

We have the ongoing need of experienced, enthusiastic moderators for the entire site! Do you thrive in challenges? Can you commit long term to being a staff member? Are you a team player? If so, contact any of the three admins here! Let's talk!

3. Credits

To receive credits, you have to join and become a regular poster!

What can you do with your points? We have vBookie for several sections. Why not try your luck at getting even more credits with vBookie? However, user can lose your points as well if you bet them on the losing team!

A plugin is going to be added to the forum when it is released and tested that will allow the user to buy certain things from the "estore" such as colored user titles and the like!

So, why not join the fun?

Looking forward to seeing your future posts!

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Hello all Sports lovers.
I am new member to this community.
I love to watch many sports especially cricket which is religion to many people.
Twenty Twenty cricket is a new concept which has took on the cricketing world.

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