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Too Much Strength!

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i was thinking of posting a video depicting whats the exact weight of the ball which is being used in cricket.
The tennis ball and rubber ball weigh about 300 to 400 grams. And as per rules a cricket ball is how many grams?
If anyone of u might be visiting a coaching club or maybe even a sport shop...check out the weight of the cricket ball- more than 1 kilogram...LOL.(momentum gained weight)
Too much strength for hiting a six! and making records! and no brains!

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Hi Dude,

I'm not quite sure the point of your post - but a tennis ball weighs around 80grams, and a cricket ball weighs around 160grams (see Law 5 (The ball) - Laws - Laws of Cricket - Laws & Spirit - Lord's)

1. Weight and size
The ball, when new, shall weigh not less than 5 1/2 ounces/155.9g, nor more than 5 3/4 ounces/163g, and shall measure not less than 8 13/16 in/22.4cm, nor more than 9 in/22.9cm in circumference.

Um... yeah... sure thing, phantom.

Like rascally, I'm not too sure what the point of phantom's post is...
However, I can say(type?) with utmost certainty that a standard cricket ball doesn't weigh 2kg.

I'm interested to hear peoples thoughts on the following:
Phantom needs to...
a) understand the difference between cricket & ten-pin bowling.
b) learn how & when to use capital letters.
c) quit playing tennis with a shot-put.
d) all of the above.

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i have never seen any professional cricketeer practising at local grounds. Neither i have seen anyone hitting many consecutive sixes and fours in first class matches!
I was wondering how much effort i had to put in when i was playing in clubs. Some days ago i was watching on t.v. a match between india vs australia in australia in 1985. So many skinny players were bowling quick as if the ball were of snooker! or maybe even that blind people's cricket ball. The kind of momentum it gets after striking just a defensive stroke.
And also one can even make out by noting down the position of the wicket-keepers! On t.v., they are standing way far behind near the sponsors' logo and in cricket clubs if one has seen they are positioned just 2 metres behind the batsmans!(even for fastest medium pacer uncles)

Medium pacer uncles and tennis ball batsmans.

Ahhh I get you :) Matty Hayden sure makes it look easy, as do some of the other players in this world cup

One more thing i wanted to write down-
In test matches, how can players stand there in scorching heat for the maximum 8 hours? I can myself play cricket only for 2 hours! Even batting which requires immense concentration and can players play continuously for so many hours to even days! No bathroom break? Perhaps not sanitary napkins, but i think the batsmans even the fielders might be wearing Johnson & Johnson Toddlers' nappys! LOL

And one more thing, as my topics are making inroads in international cricket, the fast bowlers and the cricket world have taken a back step in keeping their game intact!LOL Nowadays fast bowlers bowl slow in matches and the speed notified on t.v. is just fake. And the reason why they are bowling slow is to show the upcoming generations, the present day upcommers and the audience; that the ball is the same used as in coaching clubs...i mean those heavy ones!
The fast bowlers a decade ago were really rotating their arms real quick!

Also i want to say that from the time 1988, many batsman took undue advantage of television. Many batsman tried to acting in cricket, showing as if they had a lot of fear in facing bouncers and fast paced deliveries. But as i have seen even the fastest bowlers are have been square-cutted to the off-side. And no one can square cut a real fast bowler. I saw the autobiography of Donald Bradman and no one did acting. You see a fast hit off a fast bowler makes the ball travel 10 times the speed with what it is bowled and still not even a single fielder over-reacts, or shows cautiousness. But, in this 21 st century, if 100 people gather in a place. The characters speak very differently if some one does speak! LOL

The pitch length in cricket is 22 yards. When i play, i measure the pitch by footsteps. I take 18 to 22 footsteps for making the game perfect. When i watch on t.v., it seems like the international cricket pitches are just 15 steps. The spinners never make any shoulder effort. And the fastest bowlers bowl 30 slow balls and inbetween a speed one. No one bowls a york, only pitching a short and what someone calls 'the half volley' again and again! LOL. In australian test tours pakistan fast bowler shoib akhtar (chucker)is shown from a side angle camera while bowling. His arm moves the slowest! Also there are some great spinners like n. hirwani, s. joshi, v. raju, m. ahmed ...etc. etc. never made any run-up and still were able to bowled the batsmans. Might be that 90% batsmans in cricket never knew even how to bat! LOL Records for Kindergarten? Might be that the season ball used is lightest weight as if of plastic for jonty rhodes perhaps!

Also i want to mention that many cricketeers of the modern are just plainly acting that they are great!LOL Like bret lee, sachin tendulkar, saurav ganguly, rahul dravid, and many many more! I wonder who likes them and for what! Wearing thermocole pads and gloves!
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no brains in hitting sixes, r u sure???? confident
madAfridiFan, mate... just ignore 'phantom005' - seriously. He's just trying to stir sh1t with his banality.
If we respond to his dribble we'll just encoursge him.

PS: Welcome to the forum! It's great to see some other action on here ;)
incubi said:
madAfridiFan, mate... just ignore 'phantom005' - seriously. He's just trying to stir sh1t with his banality.
If we respond to his dribble we'll just encoursge him.

PS: Welcome to the forum! It's great to see some other action on here ;)
agreed, please every one be nice & make this place a nice cricket place

remember cricket is a discipled game, its not someThing like RUGBY [wrestling sports] or footbal, crciket is all about discipline

BTW incubi what u say about ur avam whoEver will see that may go crazy for someTime i think LoL hehehe

I wanted to write an athletic promo about me and my younger brother karan.
My name -kunal
Age-25 years
Height- 5'9"1/2
Weight- 85kgs.

My brother's name- karan
Age-21 years
Height- 5'9"
Weight- 70kgs.

We both have been playing cricket from the last 10 years. I myself have played coaching club cricket for two years. Now i thought that we will neither make it to the Indian National cricket team, neither any ranji team, neither any cricket clubs' A nor B nor C teams, neither any third class team! So i thought that i would give a self- promo of our cricketing abilities. I am giving these videos, hope everyone likes it.

Note- that the ball used in the below provided video is a normal tennis ball perfectly covered by an insulation tape. This gives it the effect of a 140 gram shiny season ball.








I also wanted to provide the details by giving video about how far momentum a tennis ball acquires than that heavy season ball by just playing a defensive stroke.


Thankfully yours'
kunal r. pagare
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Whats going on

is this some kinf od THEISES

i thought this place was to ENJOY???

Just Call It SELF- Promotional!


Hi, if i happen to debut in international test and one-day cricket, then the cricket authority would replace the lightweight season ball which is used in present day cricket by the heavy season leather ball used in cricket clubs. The result would be drugged blood-shot eyes fast bowlers with devastating stumps uprooting, even fractures for the batsmans. There would be no crowds in stadium and everyone would be prone to injury. Tendulkar's every six hit on a spinner would fall near the sponsor's logo from where the fast bowler starts the run-up! No team would ever be able to score above 150 runs in 50 overs! Lol - kunal
Hello cricket lovers.
Today there is lots of cricket in general and therefore modern day cricketer has to put effort in gym to be physically fit for he has to play many tournaments in a year.
The competition is very stiff.
URL edited due to spam. You can put the url into your signature, but not in your post. Thanks. truebluefan

Hi, i want to mention that the weight of cricket ball discussed in my first post, is by taking into consideration the momentum aspect when the ball is on the move while bowling and also while taking catches. In real cricket that we see on tv, the cricketeers never gets affected even when ball gets 50 overs old! - kunal

While bowling in nets some seven years back, i had achieved lightning speed with heavy season ball. I still practice with cellotape tennis ball ...high pace, swing, bouncer and a lethal york. And of course batting too. - kunal

The things that i dislike- rash unorthodox cricket and when s. ganguly plays defence to make ball go for four. - kunal
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