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The United States cricket administration will introduce All-America teams for men and women senior and junior teams with a long range plan of having them placed on contracts.

US cricket CEO Don Lockerbie, in an interview with, said it had not yet been decided how many players would be named in the project, but it could range from 45 to as many as 60.

Lockerbie, who has hit the ground running since he was appointed CEO, is looking at all angles in a bid to restructure and improve US cricket and try to take it to the next level to compete against the world's best.

He said that the All-America teams would be for men and women senior, Under 19 and Under 15 teams. A coaching panel would also be selected and placed under contract.

The administration is already working on a strategy to identify players throughout the country and have them placed in a database for ratings and rankings.

He said the plan is to have the players in a database in the coming months and to go into as early as next year with the knowledge of the top core senior, Under 19 and Under 15 players in place.

This is all part of the strategy and long range plan to have the US team in the world's top 15 rankings and when sponsorship and donor monies become available the players will be placed on contract and be treated like professionals as in other top cricket playing countries.

"We will make it and it will be worthwhile to be named in the All-America team," said Lockerbie. "Hopefully, this will also help motivate players." The idea is based on the US college tradition of having All-America teams where players are acknowledged and referred to as All Americans.

"It is a great honor and tribute to be an All American in all sports," said Lockerbie, a former coach and college track and field athlete.

"Every college sport recognizes its top players with an All-America team."

US cricket captain Steve Massiah put himself enthusiastically behind the move of the All-America concept. He said: "I am absolutely behind it. It is fantastic. I strongly endorse it. It is the way to go forward and it will motivate players.

"And it will bring about professionalism, which is something we are all in favor of and want. It will also help players become fitter and they can commit themselves to the game as professionals."

Massiah, who has already spoken at length with Lockerbie, said he strongly supported him as the CEO of US cricket. "I think he can take us to places where we never have been to. Don knows what it takes. He has been down this road before."

Don Lockerbie, who expressed a desire to travel around the country and meet with regional cricket representatives and enthusiasts is expected to travel to the Bay Area next week to meet with representatives of the North West region.
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