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Warm Bodies Trailer To Arrive

Watch Skyfall Online. We're just a few months from the release of the feature adaptation of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies, and we haven't seen much from the film thus far. A few photos of a zombified Nicholas Hoult, a blood-red poster and a zombie make-up tutorial video in honor of Halloween are about all that's been revealed.

Watch The Man With The Iron Fists Online. It stood to reason that Summit was holding off on debuting a trailer until the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. According to one of the stars of Warm Bodies, that's when we'll see it, (which means next week).

Watch Pitch Perfect Online. Written by Marion, Warm Bodies follows R, a zombie who has no memory of who he was prior to dying and joining the ranks of the walking dead. The story is told from R's perspective as he spends most of his time shuffling around with the other rotten corpses at the airport, pondering his own existence and feeling a growing sense of dissatisfaction.

Watch Wreck it Ralph Online. When he encounters a girl named Julie during a routine feeding, he decides to protect her rather than eat her, and so begins a kind of mental awakening for R and a new awareness of the undead for Julie.

Watch Resident Evil Retribution Online. Nicholas Hoult will play R, while Teresa Palmer is set to play Julie. Also among the cast are John Malkovich, Dave Franco and Rob Corddry, the latter of whom will also be a zombie.

Watch Hotel Transylvania Online. Prior to reading the book, I thought the story sounded like Twilight for zombies, so I can't fault other people for jumping to that conclusion too. But the zombie perspective adds a bit of humor to the narrative, and the story focuses less on angsty young-adult romance and more on the state of mankind as it relates to the two lead characters. It's set during a time when the remaining survivors' primary focus is the daily struggle for safety and survival against a growing population of zombies. The line between the living and the dead is no longer clearly defined, which is what makes the story so interesting.

Watch Lincoln Online I'm optimistic that the trailer's attachment to Breaking Dawn is a bit less about the tone of the film than it is the popularity of Twilight and Summit's belief that the movie will benefit from Twilight's enormous fan base. The fact that Jonathan Levine (50/50, The Wackness) is directing instills confidence that Warm Bodies is in good hands. We'll have to wait and see what the trailer looks like. While we wait for the trailer, you can catch a quick glimpse of Hoult as R at the start of this zombie make-up tutorial. In other Warm Bodies news, fans of Marion's novel may have a follow-up book to look forward to, as Isaac Marion announced last month that he was working on a sequel.
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