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Wasim Akram's Hatrick!

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The first wicket with the perfect bouncer is cool!
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Sometimes i think that wasim akram is not a swing bowler. The traditional swing bowlers of pakistan were imran khan, waqar younis, aquib javed. Their stock deliveries were mainly indipper which after beating the batsmen took the offstump in the offside direction rather than onside. And they mainly achieved in reverse swinging into the middle and leg stump. But wasim akram used to bowl mainly straight! Wasim akram might be known as the fastest bowler in the 90s with the heavy season ball. In the matches against england in england the soft ball was used, so there was hardly any swing nor speed for wasim akram.
Wasim akram bowls straight and if the ball swings by itself then adjusts the line length to beat the batsmen. On several occasions wasim akram just bowls quick with confidence to pitch middle and leg to the left-handed batsmen. Thus many a times knocking stumps down when many many batsmen could just defend straight deliveries. This bowling tactic was perhaps used by shoib akhtar, who too didn't knew how to swing. The famous bowleds of s. tendulkar and r.dravid were the straight quick deliveries beating the batsmen at all odds!
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So the best bowld ever of wasim akram was of s.zarawani in 1996 World cup LOL.
I was viewing bowling on youtube and i came across this vid of pakistani fast/medium bowler sikandar bakht...
YouTube - Sikander Bakht bowls Laird of Aus

I think many bowlers followed a similar bowling line length trend and technique like sikandar bakht like wasim akram and even javagal srinath!

Many bowlers try to continue the bowling traditions of the earlier successful bowlers by making improvements. There are no bowlers who try to take up bowling actions of imran khan, kapil dev, wasim akram...! I think shoiab akhtar might have been a big fan of jat kapil dev. Whereas my fav ata-ur-rehman is the real fastest bowler of pakistan. Action looks like right-handed wasim akram. Kapil dev bowling speed might had been similar to shoiab akhtar, just slowing down after pitching!
world best bowler

wasim akram is no dought one of the best fast bowler of world
yes your right wasim akram is the faster bowler of the Pakistan.
Yes Its True!he Is Too Good..............
yes no dought wasim akram is the best fast bowler of world and pakistan proud on him.
Wasim Akram takes the wickets of DA Gunawardene, WPUJC Vaas and DPMD Jayawardene in succession for his hatrick. Asian Test Championship, 1998/99, Final Pakistan v Sri Lanka Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka 12,13,14,15 March 1999 (5-day match) Scorecard: Final: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Dhaka, Mar 12-15, 1999 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo imran7

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