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When Dhoni waits for the batsmen to lose balance and then stump them, he's a phenomenal wicketkeeper. When Ashwin runs a batsman out like they way he did - he's a cheat.

Lest we forget, this is the (edit) second time (the third one was his teammate not himself in county cricket. here.)time Buttler has gotten out like this. Maybe he needs to reflect and see maybe he's the one who's backing up too much? FetLife

Ashwin has consistently come out for proper ICC rules for everyone. He has worn full sleeves and chucked, to point out the hypocrisy of ICC and how it was letting a lot of spinners like Narine chuck. He has ran out batsmen who backed up too much before and defended it on twitter. He's called out SG ball as a shitty ball. He speaks his mind.

That is what makes him a walking & talking meme, but he is right on many things including 'Mankading'. If a batsman is leaving the crease too early and narrowly saves himself in a run out, is that not against the spirit of the game? What about when he's able to convert 1s into 2s? If a bowler bowls an accidental no ball which is minute - then it's an extra run + free hit. We need to fight against batriarchy.

Today the boundaries are brought in, pitches are flatter, 2 new balls, restrictions on the number of bouncers, fielding restrictions, and many more that is making it more and more easy for batsmen. Yet it’s too much to ask the non striking batsman to stay inside the crease.

If your argument is that 'Mankading' is okay but this was not right as per the laws, then it's on the umpires. All of this happened in a second. Ashwin appealed for what he believed was a legal dismissal. The on field umpire did not judge it as a dead ball and the third umpire deemed it as a run out. This was not against the so called spirit of the game. If you think it's a bad decision, call out the umpires.

OTOH, I'm confident even KXIP players have also be
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