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Welcome back on board, AB

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Good to know Allan Border is back as a selector, but does anyone know what he has doing all this while?
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Here’s AB’s quote: “I have always loved working as a selector and only stood down because of other time constraints. My circumstances have now changed and I am very happy to once again make myself available for this important role in Australian cricket.”
Powerpak, how does it matter where he was and what he was doing? The bottom line is that along with Merv Hughes and David Boon, he’ll make a fantastic selection panel again.
I thought it rather sneaky of Allan to pass a comment on the financial priorities of players today. He has apparently said that it’s hard to involve younger guys like Mark Waugh and Damien Fleming in the selection committee, because they are not interested. Here are Allan’s exact words: “It’s a very time-consuming role and you’re watching a lot of cricket at a lesser level. A lot of the guys now are financially stable (and) they’ve got other opportunities in the business world to pursue.” Naughty, naughty, AB!
What’s Adam Gilchrist talking about? He said he wanted a five-month break after the Bangladesh series and now says the Champions Trophy is irrelevant for Australia in an Ashes year, so they should take a break there, too. What is he, a professional (I mean paid, please note) athlete or a professional break-taker?
Wow Ricky, that’s a lot of venom! What’s wrong with the guys looking after their financial interests? Don’t we all? How about Cricket Australia coughing up a bit more to make the job worthwhile?
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