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West Indies cricket chief Julian Hunte has again warned the West Indies players that their performance must be closely linked to the level of payments which they receive for international matches.

The president of the West Indies Cricket Board has warned the players that there is an urgent need for them to improve, if their side is continue enjoying the benefits of playing against the top teams in the World.

Hunte is attending a meeting of the Executive Board of the International Cricket Council in Dubai, and his comments come against the backdrop of discussion about a plan to establish a two-tiered system in international cricket.

The proposal would allow the teams ranked in the top seven of ICC Test and ODI rankings to play in the top division, and the bottom three and a number of ICC Associate nations to contest the second division.

"The West Indies team has to start winning matches against higher ranked opponents or we will end up being relegated to being a second division international team," said Hunte in a WICB news release.

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