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West Indies To Receive $100 Million +

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Billionaire Allen Stanford is to invest Doller 100 mllion in West Indies cricket over the next three years. The Texas businessman, who lives in Antigua, is determined to bring cricket in the region into the 21st century.

'We are stuck in the 1950s and 60s. We can't allow ourselves to stay stuck forever,' he told BBC.

Part of the investment will fund the second Stanford 20/20 tournament, which will feature Cuba for the first time as one of 21 competing Caribbean nations.

Funding will be provided to each team to enable them to prepare for the tournament, along with Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, who are expected to make their debut in 2009.

Let's hope this'll bring them back to the glory days. It'll be interesting to see how they spend the money. You can't buy players for your country as such but you can improve facilities. After the world Cup they need a few upgrades in certain areas.
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