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WI Cricket: Samuels action to be analysed

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West Indies all-rounder Marlon Samuels is to have his bowling action independently analysed.

The off-spinner's quicker delivery was reported to the International Cricket Council (ICC) by the on-field umpires following the third Test between South Africa and West Indies in Durban in January.

The analysis will take place at England's National Cricket Academy in Loughborough on February 11 and will be overseen by a member of the ICC panel of human movement specialists, Dr Mark King.

An ICC statement read: "Samuels was reported for a suspected illegal bowling action in respect of his 'fast' deliveries by the on-field umpires Simon Taufel and Aleem Dar of the Emirates Elite Panel of Umpires and third umpire Brian Jerling of the Emirates International Panel following completion of the third Test match between South Africa and the West Indies played in Durban from 10 to 12 January.

"Within 14 days of the independent analysis being carried out, the appointed specialist will supply the ICC with a written report advising the outcome of the biomechanical assessment.

"This will confirm whether the action used by the off-spinner was legal or illegal.

"Although only his 'fast' deliveries have been reported as suspect, the ICC process requires his action generally - including the 'fast' deliveries - to be analysed.

"If the analysis confirms that it is his 'fast' deliveries only that are illegal, then he would be allowed to continue bowling in international cricket without using that delivery but subject to the warning that should he bowl his 'fast' ball he would run the risk of being reported a second time.

"However, if this month's analysis concludes that Samuels generally bowls with an illegal action, he will be suspended from bowling in international cricket until such time as he has corrected his action and submitted to a fresh independent analysis that concludes that his action has been remedied."
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