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WICB spells out its expectations to Clive Lloyd and team

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The WICB President Dr. Julian R. Hunte has written Mr. Clive Lloyd, the new manager of the West Indies team, setting out the Board's expectations on its tours of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Below is the full text of the letter:

"As you and our team embark on what is going to be a long campaign, I want, on behalf of the Board and Management of the WICB to let you, the rest of the Team Management, our Captain and the entire squad, to know that you have our total support.

While we are deeply concerned about the attitudes, behaviour and overall discipline of the squad, I think that most West Indians will be satisfied with a team that is cohesive and committed. We want to see the team try its hardest. We want a group of young men who are fiercely competitive and who ask, and give, no quarter. Yet, we also want the team to demonstrate the sportsmanship that is the hallmark of the West Indian ethos and impact on the game.

We cannot change the past. However, we can learn from it. As the greatest cricketing leader this region has ever known, you have a tremendous task, yet it is one that is not beyond your capacity or your courage. You are the pivotal figure in what we see as a West Indian renaissance. We have a new Captain in Christopher Gayle and it is important that we not only have synergy within the squad but a symbiosis between you as Manager and Gayle as Captain. The Zimbabwe Tour is preparation for the more arduous and demanding Tour of South Africa. There you will be facing a team that is supremely confident. We have the talent but need now to find the inner core of courage that characterized the West Indies team in what is known to all as the "Clive Lloyd" era.

Every journey, regardless of how long it is, begins with a single step. This Tour of Zimbabwe, we hope, is the first step of an arduous uphill climb back to the pinnacle of world cricket. We do not expect overnight results, but we expect results. The West Indian people have invested considerable emotional currency and need to start reaping dividends.

God speed and God's blessings to all of you. May you be safe, sound and successful."
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