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Woolmer died of natural causes: report

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Woolmer died of natural causes: report
Saturday Jun 2 14:13 AEST

Jamaican police are to announce next week that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died of natural causes and was not murdered as they had initially stated, Britain's Daily Mail says.

Citing a source close to the inquiry, the newspaper says Jamaican authorities will say they are no longer treating the death suspiciously and that the 58-year-old died of heart failure brought on by ill health and possibly diabetes.

Woolmer was found dead on the floor of his Kingston hotel bedroom on March 18 after Pakistan had been beaten by minnows Ireland in the World Cup, hastening their premature exit from the competition.
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An initial post-mortem said the former England test batsmen had died of asphyxiation but, after a review by London's Metropolitan Police, Jamaican officers now privately agree no third party was involved in his death, the paper said.

"Mr Woolmer was not a well man. It is now accepted that he died of natural causes," the source was quoted as saying.

The paper also quoted a colleague of investigating officer Mark Shields, Jamaica's Deputy Commissioner of Police, criticising his conduct.

"With hindsight, he should have ensured a second post-mortem was carried out. Instead of saying the death was suspicious, he rushed out a statement saying it was murder. He is going to be a laughing stock," the colleague is quoted as saying.

The paper said a news conference would be held in Kingston next week.

source - ninemsn

So, have they finally ruled out foul play, or we will get a different report in a few weeks which seems to be the norm.
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I really hope he wasnt murdered considering it overshadowed the whole World Cup.
So, have they finally ruled out foul play, or we will get a different report in a few weeks which seems to be the norm.
Yeh the reports nearly change every week.
Here is a separate report from BBC:

Scotland Yard detectives have told Jamaican police that the former Pakistan cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, was not murdered, the BBC understands.
The apparent verdict follows work by a UK Home Office pathologist, who flew to Jamaica to probe Mr Woolmer's death.

Bob Woolmer's widow Gill said she had heard nothing new from the Jamaican police about her husband's death.

Mr Woolmer was found dead in his hotel in Jamaica on 18 March after Pakistan's first-round exit from the World Cup.

Days later Mark Shields, Jamaica's deputy police commissioner, announced at a news conference that the 58-year-old former England Test cricketer had been murdered.

But a UK newspaper has now reported that Jamaican police are to announce that Mr Woolmer died of natural causes.

According to the Daily Mail, police in Kingston now believe Mr Woolmer died of natural causes, brought on by chronic ill-health and possibly diabetes.

'Bollywood investigation'

The apparent about-face drew some sharp criticism of the Jamaican police investigation.

I think they [the Jamaican police] made a mess of it to be very honest

Asif Iqbal
PJ Mir, Pakistan's media manager during the World Cup, said he was "saddened" at the news and suggested that Pakistani cricket authorities should consider legal action.

"I've been saying all along that Bob had died a natural death and let's not jump the gun, let's wait," he told the BBC.

"Today the Pakistan team players will be absolutely angry, because the amount of allegations that were levelled against them, or insinuations, or speculations against the Pakistan team."

Every member of the Pakistan team was interviewed and fingerprinted before returning home from the Caribbean, although police stressed at the time that they were not treated as suspects.

Former Pakistan player Asif Iqbal told the BBC that Jamaican police carried out a "Bollywood kind of investigation".

"Every day there were different stories in the newspaper, every day there was a different way of his being murdered. I think they made a mess of it to be very honest."

There has been no confirmation of the Daily Mail report.

In May, several other reports suggested Mr Woolmer was not murdered, often citing sources close to the investigation.

One member of Jamaica's Labour Party said the case had become a "global embarrassment" for the country's police force.
At least he didn't get murdered, so that leaves his family less cautious.
At least his family know the truth that he died of natural causes, because it would be playing on in there minds for ages if they didn't know what really happened.
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