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A Across The Line - Away-swing

B Back Foot - Bye

C Cafeteria Bowling - Cutter

D Danger Area - Duck

E Economy Rate - Extras

F Face - Full Toss

G Gardening - Gully

H - Half-volley - Hook

I Innings - In The V

J Jaffa - Jag

K King Pair

L Lap - Loop

M Maiden - Michelle

N Nelson - Nurdle

O Off-break/spin - Over The Wicket

P Paddle - Pull


R Rabbit - Runner

S Sandshoe Crusher - Swing

T Third Man - Twelfth Man

U Uncovered Pitches


W Wagon Wheel - Wrong 'un


Y Yorker

Z Zooter
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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